The reason why i585 is not build because pandoc is unresolvable. And the reason for this is, because pandoc is not enabled to build.


Am 16. April 2021 21:37:14 MESZ schrieb Ferdinand Thiessen <>:

I noticed that publishing of src RPM's seems broken.
For bup in Factory[1] is version 0.32, but i586 is broken as it is unresolvable.
Now, when you have a look at the published repositories you will find that x86_64[2] is okay, as it contains the correct version.
But the source RPM repository[3] still contains the old 0.31 release.

But the buildlog for x64 says the src rpm was successful as well.

So are only successfully i586 build published as src RPMs?
Because in this case it does not make any sense, it is unresolvable on OBS, but maybe I want to get the latest source RPM to build it locally?

Thank you and cheers,