Hi Marcus:
This is very useful, thanks for setting it up!
BTW, do you (or anybody else), have an idea when the x86_64 repositories for FC4 and FC5 will contain all the RPMs?

From: Marcus Schäfer [mailto:ms@suse.de]
Sent: Wed 31/05/2006 03:56
To: opensuse-buildservice@opensuse.org
Subject: Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Fedora Extras


> A number of my packages require "cppunit-devel" which is available natively on
> SUSE but on Fedora it is part of the "Extras" repository which doesn't appear
> to be available on the Build Service.
> How do you suggest I handle this dependency?

I have synced an extras repositories and asked Adrian to put it on
the server. That's because I need packages from the extras repository
as well. I think we will have "extras" as a seperate project available
soon. Adrian should know more

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