As I wrote this was just an example, I am not interested in that package.
I think this might be a bug with OBS to not publish source RPMs if one of the build targets (or at least i586) fails.
I just wanted to ensure this is not intentionally.

Am 17.04.21 um 09:11 schrieb Eric Schirra:
Don't known.
The i586 build is excluded. And the i586 build don't exist. There is no 32bit pandoc available!
You must ask the maintainer of repo pandoc.


Am 17. April 2021 01:42:34 MESZ schrieb Ferdinand Thiessen <>:
Ok, but why is the source RPM not published?
x64 build succeeded so source RPM should be published I guess.
(The package was just an example, there are multiple packages with outdated source RPM published)