On Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013, 16:08:57 wrote Carsten Schoene:

> Hello,


> i don't know if this is known, the update for rubygem-delayed_job from SLE 11 SDK Updates is kept

> back, because obs-api requires a version < 2.0.0

> This persists since the ruby upgrades in the last weeks. Is the new version of rubygem-delayed_job

> really not compatible with obs-api?


Yes, we remove OBS from SLE 11 SP3 SDK for that reason.


OBS needs to have fitting rubygem* packages installed, even patch level updates may

introduce incompabilities. Therefore we ship our own rubygem stack in our project.


OBS 2.4 will have exact version requires as part of the packages and these will

also be used to run the testsuite during build process.


Means, we will never ever release packages where the test suite is failing :)






Adrian Schroeter

SUSE Linux Products GmbH

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