I have setup OBS 2.0.1 on my local machine and tried to enable anonymous access.

   Here is my config in /srv/www/obs/api/config/options.xml:

allow_anonymous: true

webui_host: build.obstest.sh.intel.com


   Unfortunately, it does not work, the log reports :

Processing StatusController#workerstatus (for ::ffff: at 2010-06-30 11:09:50) [GET]

[D|# 8304] AUTH:

[D|# 8304] remote_host:

[D|# 8304] remote_addr: ::ffff:

[D|# 8304] no authentication string was sent


Seems the request.env['REMOTE_HOST'] is NULL and it failed at the host check at:


if @http_user.nil? and CONFIG['allow_anonymous'] and CONFIG['webui_host'] and [ request.env['REMOTE_HOST'], request.env['REMOTE_ADDR'] ].include?( CONFIG['webui_host'] )


Any comments?