openSUSE Build Service January 2007
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[opensuse-buildservice] Can build local, can't build remote
by Jared Ottley
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] FC6 on BS
by Mauricio Teixeira (netmask)
14 years

Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Build status: blocked
by Dominique Leuenberger
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] Build status: blocked
by Samuel Partida
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] error: %post(policycoreutils-1.30.30-1.x86_64) scriptlet failed on Fedora_Extras_6
by Peter Nixon
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] Problem with BuildRequires cycles
by Herbert Graeber
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] [PATCH] updated osc patch to add "createpacfromsrcrpm" cmd
by Gernot Hillier
14 years

[opensuse-buildservice] Arch x86_64 not working since yesterday
by Carsten Schoene
14 years
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