Ole-Bj�rn Tuftedal changed bug 952799
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CC   ole-bjorn@trilho.org
Component Other Other
Version Current Leap 15.0
Product openSUSE Tumbleweed openSUSE Distribution
Target Milestone --- Leap 15.0

Comment # 4 on bug 952799 from
On upgrading from Leap 43.2 to 15.0, bogofilter ignored the existing
wordlist.db in directory .bogofilter, and started a new wordlist.kct. This in
spite of running bogofilter-db (and not bogofilter-kyotocabinet, as the
filetype might suggest).
The effect of this is that bogofilter starts with a blank sheet, without any
knowledge of what is spam and what is ham.

The actual file format of the two is the same, so a workaround was to copy the
wordlist.db to wordlist.kct (or rename if one doesn't want the original just in

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