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Disclaimer: I'm not a container expert.

(In reply to Flavio Castelli from comment #5)
> It is true that running systemd inside of an **application** container (like
> one started by Docker) is tricky.

AFAIK it is not recommended to modify a container setup to allow running
systemd because of some security implications. Thus there won't be systemd
available in normal container setups.

> However this isn't something really needed
> on a daily basis. Application containers have a completely different use
> case from system containers (like the ones created by LXC and LXD).
> Because of that I would find really really wrong to have someone running
> cron jobs inside of application containers.

Frankly I don't understand your answer.

Personally I think that running a DNS resolver like unbound in a Docker
container on e.g. an elastic Kubernetes cluster is something users definitely
want. Thus requiring systemd for installing and using unbound package is a real
obstacle for such a setup.

> I think you don't have to worry about containers (neither application, nor
> system) in this discussion.

I strongly disagree.

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