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Marius, thanks for your answer.

With all due respect, but I really think, that this is a regression - at least
from a usability perspective. 

Sure, wicked was developed to have a clean network setup. In the light of a
_damaged_ network setup, if some static routing is used (tried), simply
pointing to some obscure (again usability wise) dhcp option is a little 90s,
isn't it?

At least, yast2 network should completely disable the static routing dialog, if
DHCP is selected, pointing out, that openSUSE is unable to setup static routes
in this context. Since some automated setup tools (including mine) does add
such config files directly, this is still not sufficient, hence a README
explaining this situation in /etc/sysconfig/network is in order

This file should document the following:
Due to openSUSEs new network setup scheme (wicked), static routing for DHCP
controlled interfaces can only configured in your DHCP server setup. Bad luck,
if it's not flexible enough to allow you such configuration. (You're always
free to setup your own named/dhcpd infrastructure, of course..)

If you're lucky, eg. you have control over a ISC dhcpd, you need to add a
global option similar to:

option static-routes code 121 = array of integer 8;

Within you devices section, either pool, group, or single host definition, add
something similar to:

option static-routes

which would result in:
0,172,16,32,1              # ip route add default via
24,192,168,0,172,16,32,2   # ip route add via
24,10,9,0,172,16,32,2      # ip route add via

You need to add a default route here, since dhcpcd ignores any default route
definition, when static routes are defined.

That's a beauty, isn't it.

The real question is, what is so hard with hooking these commands into the
dhcpcd --script option? I haven't looked at the code and can imagine, that this
wouldn't be nice code.

So either fix yast2 network or wicked, but don't annoy your advanced long term
users for no good reason, please.

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