Comment # 6 on bug 1044777 from
(In reply to Stefan Hundhammer from comment #4)
> What do you mean "freeze"? What exactly happens? 
> Does CPU usage go up? 
> Does RAM usage go up? 
> Can't you move windows around anymore? 
> Can't you start any more new windows?
> Somehow you managed to make screenshots, i.e. it doesn't appear to be a real
> freeze of the desktop.
> I suspect that the kernel change log is simply very large, and it takes a
> while to load the data and populate the widget with it. That would mean that
> CPU and RAM usage go up, but after a while everything will settle down.

Correction. I repeated the step again today. The desktop isn't freezing up.
Yast2 Software Management window freezes up for about three minutes. All
buttons and tabs do not function.

I can move the Yast Control Center window and any other program from the menu.

On my quad CPU usage, CPU2 is stuck at 100% and KSysGuard shows y2start at 25%.
RAM stays constant and does not go up.

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