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Hi Franck,

Attached please find updated journalctl -b -0 log file.

First, there are some ACPI - could they be sign of the problem?

I reported this issue because I see it with clean, default KDE instal.
I installed opensuse 42.3 and logged in - observing the systemd-coredump
I post updates, it behaves the same - observing the systemd-coredump processes.
I did not start any application/process prior to dmesg or journalctl commands.
As I have said it is all out of the box, fresh install + update.

In fact, I installed 42.3 RC only to help with testing on a real HW.
I have done exactly the same install on Thinkpad T470 (i5-7300 Kabylake) and it
dos not suffer from the issue, nor from the ACPI errors.

Thanks again for looking into this,

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