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(In reply to Michael Andres from comment #2)
> What did you do, if the content file contained multiple products? 
> Took the first one, or the last one? Do the same here.

IIRC the /content file can only contain one product.

> Or take the name from media.1/products. AFAIK this file was invented
> to be the catalog of repos located on the medium. If the file is no longer
> available we should think about adding it again.

That file is no longer available, the current LeanOS ISO contains only the
"media.1/build" file with "SLE-15-Leanos-DVD-x86_64-Build87.1" content.

The /media.1/products file is still read by libzypp:

[zypp] THROW:    File
'./media.1/products' not found on medium 'cd:///?devices=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-0

So adding that file should hopefully fix the problem.

Stefan, who is responsible for the new product builder?

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