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> It would be nice to build them in advance but even on Debian (the d in dkms
> stands for Debian IIRC) this is best effort.

I think it's _D_ell. They invented it, AFAIR. It pre-dates KMPs.

> There is also the question what is specifically passed to the kernel.d
> scripts.

If we want it to be generic, we should pass all parameters from the kernel
scriptlet. But...

> Does it get just called once when something with kernels changes, or is it
> called for each kernel added/removed with some specific arguments that
> describe the event?

If we just care about dkms, we could take weak_modules2 as example. It's run
like this:

  %post (or %posttrans): weak-modules2 --add-kernel "$kernelrelease"-"$flavor"
  %postun: weak-modules2 --remove-kernel "$kernelrelease"-"$flavor"

These arguments should be sufficient for the DKMS script, too. Or not?

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