Bug ID 1115112
Summary Qt-Creator Documentation is not found out-of-the-box
Classification openSUSE
Product openSUSE Distribution
Version Leap 15.0
Hardware x86-64
OS Other
Status NEW
Severity Normal
Priority P5 - None
Component Development
Assignee bnc-team-screening@forge.provo.novell.com
Reporter novell@howorth.org.uk
QA Contact qa-bugs@suse.de
CC gorgoglione@gmail.com
Depends on 976384
Found By ---
Blocker ---

In Qt-Creator 4.6.1 from the standard repositories, selecting the first
tutorial in the Tutorials page (Build and Run Examples) takes me to a web page
<https://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-build-example-application.html> which is
for version 4.7.2.

That occurs on the first time of clicking on that link. Clicking on it again a
day or so later takes me to the installed help pages for 4.6.1, so something is
misconfigured in the installed package, and perhaps some of the other button
clicking I did in the meantime made the problem go away.

Very annoying, and a total waste of my time.

PS Why is openSUSE Leap 15.0 not listed in the options for OS when reporting a

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