Comment # 2 on bug 1041742 from
(In reply to Michael Andres from comment #1)
> (In reply to Dominique Leuenberger from comment #0)
> > zypper in --no-recommends gdm => the file trigger is not executed
> > rpm -i gdm-3.24.1.rpm         => the trigger actually seems to work (which
> > is why I file it against libzypp)
> If a package contains a %posttrans script, zypp passes '--noposttrans' to
> the rpm install command. Maybe this disturbs? I don't know what else in
> libzypp could influence this, as we don't use librpm, but exec 'rpm' to
> install the package.
> The exact rpm command is visible in the zypper.log (grep "Executing 'rpm'"
> /var/log/zypper.log).

ok, so gdm having a posttrans might indeed be the reason that rpm also skips
the transfiletriggerin - which is, after all, also a post-trans script

I'll do some tests on my VM to confirm that this is indeed the case when using
rpm.. and if so, we need to find a solution

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