Bug ID 1181533
Summary Is not possible to set date with UTC format and 2038 year using hwclock
Classification openSUSE
Product openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version Current
Hardware x86-64
OS openSUSE Tumbleweed
Status NEW
Severity Major
Priority P5 - None
Component Basesystem
Assignee screening-team-bugs@suse.de
Reporter ionut_n2001@yahoo.com
QA Contact qa-bugs@suse.de
Found By ---
Blocker ---

Hi SUSE Team,

I try to set date with UTC format and 2038 Year.
This is not working.

Steps for reproduce:
# date -s "Jan 20 15:42:59 UTC 2038"
# hwclock -w
# hwclock -s

hwclock: settimeofday() failed: Invalid argument

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