Wolfgang Bauer changed bug 1017342
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Component 3rd party software KDE Applications
Version unspecified Leap 42.2
Assignee kde-maintainers@suse.de opensuse-kde-bugs@opensuse.org
Product openSUSE.org openSUSE Distribution
Summary KDE:Extra: Bug digikam crash when selecting map tool Digikam crash with marble 16.12.0 from KDE:Applications when selecting map tool
QA Contact opensuse-communityscreening@forge.provo.novell.com qa-bugs@suse.de

Comment # 11 on bug 1017342 from
(In reply to Episteme PROMENEUR from comment #9)
> reverting to original digikam and marble leads to the same problem.

Sorry, both digikam versions work fine here with marble 16.08.2 on a standard
42.2 installation.

Btw, why did you revert all changes to this bug report that I made?
It's now assigned to the wrong mail address again, which nobody reads any

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