Comment # 53 on bug 1045886 from
(In reply to Franck Bui from comment #52)
> In my understanding it was fixed by the disabling of the keyring stuff in
> systemd, but IMHO it should be a temporary workaround until the pam_keyinit
> is really included in the PAM stack.
> To track the integration of pam_keyinit, I opened bug #1081947.

FYI I dropped the temporary workaround as bsc#1081947 has been addressed. My
basic testing seems to indicate that the initial problem with ecryptfs+sshd (or
login) is no more present and now user keyring is linked from session keyring.

Hence next update of systemd will set up a private keyring for each system

Please open a new bug report if you encounter a bug related to this change.

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