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I've also fixed this at some point within my projects. The tricky part is that
the clarifying sentence within the documentation is within the section for
`CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_<dir>` (and not `CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir>`):

> The absolute path generated from the corresponding CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir> value. If the value is not already an absolute path, an absolute path is constructed ���

The "already" clarifies the possibility for `CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir>` to be
absolute. So any distro using absolute paths here is definitely correct.

Changing the macro to use relative paths can still be seen as a useful
workaround to deal with certain projects.

(It would also make sense to make the upstream documentation easier to
understand, e.g. the section of `CMAKE_INSTALL_<dir>` should already explicitly
clarify that the path can be absolute.)

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