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(In reply to Michael Andres from comment #29)
> (In reply to Luciano Santos from comment #28)
> > I've tested here on my Tumbleweed system, using a dummy package to echo
> Please try also with the new installer backend. It should behave much better
> than the old one. Especially regarding thrigers. Enable it by calling
> `ZYPP_SINGLE_RPMTRANS=1 zypper ...` Or persistently enable it in
> /etc/zypp/zypp.conf's [main] section by setting
>    [main]
>    techpreview.ZYPP_SINGLE_RPMTRANS=1

Alright, with this new installer backend, things got much better.

In a DUP with 114 updates, tranfiletrigger(in|postun) is invoked only once (and
I think that in my previous test I messed up the transfiletriggerpostun
scriptlet, thus it didn't run).

And I saw that, apparently, Zypper is converting filetriggers to triggers. I'm
going to keep an eye on the next DUPs.

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