Comment # 3 on bug 1136295 from
If I'm looking at this correctly, then the changes needed are only to the
-DICON_DIR define in and, e.g. within the src directory
of yast2-control-center-2.17.3.tar.bz2 you have

$ grep -n '32x32' *  -DICON_DIR=\"${themedir}/current/icons/32x32/apps\"     \        -DICON_DIR=\"${themedir}/current/icons/32x32/apps\"    

Where '32x32` needs to be changed to "scaleable". The list 'yast2-theme' as a
dependency and it looks like that would solve the problem. I'll try a rebuild
with those files patched and report further, but that looks like the problem.

Would be nice to be a simple Makefile issue and a missing link.

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