Bug ID 1200103
Summary secureboot, grub, error message
Classification openSUSE
Product openSUSE Distribution
Version Leap 15.3
Hardware Other
OS Other
Status NEW
Severity Normal
Priority P5 - None
Component Other
Assignee screening-team-bugs@suse.de
Reporter epistemepromeneur@free.fr
QA Contact qa-bugs@suse.de
Found By ---
Blocker ---

Since I enabled secureboot then starting the PC when executing "opensuse 15.3"
grub menu option
a text window opens with an error message:

creating secret key ....

Sorry, I don't know how to stop the screen to write the message.

In "messages" file there is this :

2022-06-01T06:51:51.991630+02:00 localhost kernel: [    1.731758]
EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL unavailable, hibernation will be lock-down.
2022-06-01T06:51:51.991630+02:00 localhost kernel: [    1.731761] Lockdown:
swapper/0: hibernation is restricted; see man kernel_lockdown.7
2022-06-01T06:51:51.991630+02:00 localhost kernel: [    1.731762] PM:
hibernation: the secret key is invalid

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