Comment # 4 on bug 1204983 from
> Which is odd because the nghttp2 package hasn't changed in a month or so, as
> we can see there, the difference is only two rebuilds away from each other.
> Then libnghttp2-14 doesn't seem to be the problem here.

I should correct myself here. My thinking was a wrong (I swear I'm feeling less
smart without my Linux box).

A month ago the nghttp2 package got updated from 1.49.0 to 1.50.0 that brought
the new symbol
nghttp2_option_set_no_rfc9113_leading_and_trailing_ws_validation. So for the
cases I pointed out, where users didn't update their Tumbleweed systems and had
a libnghttp2-14 version previous to 1.50.0, it makes sense Zypper throwing that
error because libcurl4 requires provided by

I might be wrong here, but since libcurl4 is depending on a new symbol
introduced by nghtt2 1.50.0, there should've been introduced a new check for
that specific symbol in there configure script, something like [1].


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