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(In reply to Andreas Stieger from comment #5)
> (In reply to Wolfgang Bauer from comment #4)
> > (In reply to Andreas Stieger from comment #2)
> > > a kjots built from kdepim4 was never in the distribution.
> > It is in 42.2:
> >
> > kdepim4?arch=x86_64&filename=kjots-4.14.10-5.4.x86_64.rpm&repository=standard
> Yes, but the user will not see it. In the case of two source containers
> building the same binary (by name) the last built will be published into the
> repository and product. In this case, kjots 5.0.1-2.1 is in the Leap 42.2
> OSS repo, and kjots from kdepim4 is not.

Indeed, the KDE4 version, even though it was built, is not in the actual repo
(probably because of kjots 5.0).

And yes, my suggestion wouldn't help anyway because kjots5 is in the repo
already, that occured to me after posting.

The easiest "solution" I see then is to delete the files after the build.
Unless we would want to re-introduce it (and fix the fact that it's missing
from 42.2), but that's going to cause more headaches I suppose...

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