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[Pkg] Using product  in directory /


The product read from the medium is empty. The reason is that for SLE12 the
product name was read from /content file. However, the new product builder and
new RPM-MD repository type do not use the /content file anymore.

As a fallback YaST generates a dummy name based on the repository URL (that's
why it starts with "cd-").

In theory YaST could use the name of the product on the medium. Unfortunately
for LeanOS there are 3 products (SLES, SLES, LeanOS), how could YaST decide
which name to use?

Alternatively YaST could change the name of the repository later, when user
selects a product to install. But that would mean the same repository could
have a different name. I'm not sure if that would be OK.

Stefan, Michael, any idea how to solve this?

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