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(In reply to Michiel Janssens from comment #19)
> Hi, since upgrading to shim 15.4 I had the same issue with Secureboot
> enabled in BIOS on Tumbleweed, so with message "system is compromised".
> To be able to boot I disabled Secureboot in BIOS.
> Today I upgraded TW to snapshot 20210520, with shim-15.4-3.1.x86_64, still
> the same issue when enabling Secureboot in BIOS, so disabled it again.
> So I followed some of the steps in this report, didn't downgrade shim
> package.
> 1. mokutil --enable-validation (not disable)
> 2. reboot
> 3. Press Down and Enter in shim menu to *Change secure boot state*
> 4. Enter three password characters.
> 5. Press y and Enter 
> 6. Press any key to reboot system (reboot)
> 7. system boots, Secureboot still disabled in BIOS.
> 8. Boot to Bios and enabled Secureboot again
> 9. System boots, without error
> mokutil --sb-state gives SecureBoot enabled, so I guess it's fixed.

Thanks for verifying MokSBState and provide the workaround!

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