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Comment # 24 on bug 1006815 from
(In reply to Neil Brown from comment #7)
> No, it doesn't really make sense for the nfs-client service to mount
> filesystems.  systemd should do that directly.
> Whenever yast adds something to /etc/fstab it should "systemctl
> daemon-reload" so that the generators get run and systemd learns about the
> new contents of /etc/fstab.
> Do you see any problem with making yast do that?

Using "systemctl daemon-reload" was tricky under certain scenarios (e.g., for a
NFS share directly mounted by the user but not included in the fstab). Finally
we have decided to delegate the mounting/unmounting actions to the yast storage
stack. Thanks to that, now on the behavior is exactly the same when the nfs
client is used standalone and when it is used through the Expert Partitioner.

Fixed by yast2-storage-ng 4.2.73 and yast2-nfs-client 4.2.5.

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