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There are enough dummy packages from upstream ... (all scheme and collections
are dummy packages) and all spec files are generated by my perl script from the
data base of upstream of TeXLive.

(In reply to Stefan Br���ns from comment #6)
> (In reply to Petr Vorel from comment #5)
> > Unfortunately I'm not really an expert on packaging. Cc Stephan, who is an
> > expert and I filled boo#1197367 based on info from him.
> > 
> > boo#1197367 is about ability to install texlive without docs (not having to
> > have 1GB space with documentation which I don't need and waste bandwidth on
> > each texlive update). Not sure if we could learn from other distros (Debian,
> > Fedora).
> You could use RPM rich dependencies (boolean dependencies),
> html:
> 1. Create empty dummy-package "texlive-documentation"
> 2. Add to "texlive-fancyhdr-doc"
>   Supplements: (texlive-fancyhdr and texlive-documentation)
> With this, installing texlive-fancyhdr should pull in texlive-fancyhdr-doc
> when texlive-documentaion is installed.
> AFAIK you cant "enable" suggested packages.

I'm tired about those conflicting expectation/requests.  Like "No docs please!"
versus "Where are the docs?"

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