Joey Lee changed bug 1129471
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Comment # 15 on bug 1129471 from
(In reply to Joey Lee from comment #14)
> The DisablePW and ABO used a obsolete OID for Authority Key Identifier. It's
> already obsoleted before 1997:
>         X509v3 extensions:
> 0<..P...)....d..c.X...0.1.0...U....DisablePW......B...Ib&..7..
> More information here:
> Now the OID of Authority Key Identifier is which is supported by
> kernel now.
> I will looking at that if we want print a warning message in kernel when I
> have time.
> Set this issue to WONTFIX.

I have re-opened this issue because I didn't see "Extension:" log in dmesg
after I enabled dynamic debugging log of x509_cert_parser. Using obsolete OID
is bad. But it's may not the root cause of -65.

In case that I missed any other problem. I re-opened this issue and tracing
more detail.

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