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(In reply to Henryk Paluch from comment #0)
> When using SUSE version of tar it fails with error on extract:
> tar -xv --unlink-first  -f ../test.tar -C ~/test-unpack/
> ./
> tar: .: Unexpected inconsistency when making directory
> ./hosts
> OS: openSUSE Leap 15.3
> tar version: tar-1.34-150000.3.18.1.x86_64
> How to reproduce:
> cd
> mkdir test-tar
> cp /etc/hosts test-tar
> cd test-tar
> tar cf ../test.tar .

I just attempted this using the version of tar from git and it fails with the
following error, while the version in tumbleweed is fine.

../tar: ../test-tar: Cannot open: Is a directory
../tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

This would suggest that upstream has "Solved" this problem by deciding that any
previous tars made in this way are no longer valid. Which is fine for upstream
but would be considered a change in behavior so probably not acceptable for
SLE. I'd probably have to spend a fair bit more time reading the code to work
out if we could come up with a fix for  bsc#1200657 that doesn't enforce this
new behavior.

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