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> @YaST: How would you like to have this fixed?
> A new install.inf entry ("no_reboot") or a new control.xml boolean?

The bootloader code already checks for the "kexec_reboot" value in the
install.inf file. (See

Simply adding "kexec_reboot: 0" should do the trick in this case.

However, I did a grep over all YaST repositories for "Mode.live_installation"
and there are quite a lot of tweaks and adjustments for the live installation

Currently all these tweaks are ignored. I do not know how much problematic is
this, but obviously there can be much more "bugs" in the current state.

This bootloader bug would be fixed as well, it checks for the live installation
mode here:

So I'd suggest to set Mode.live_installation via the install.inf file, but YaST
should still load the "normal" installation defaults as we run full
installation now, not the old "live_installer" client. It does not make sense
to repeat the same definitions for the live installation.

This obviously needs also some work on the YaST side...

Setting to P2 as this might cause another live installation bugs.

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