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Forgive me that I will probably never report upstream to kernel, sddm or
The reason for this is, that I do not have the professionalism in IT and
programming, that the people in these lists deem "normal". I once did a report
to mesa ... and they assigned the bug after two month of silence to me? 
Useless to say that I did simply close it after that, as I cannot solve bugs. I
simply do not have the technical capacity. 
So, I will just, every edition of Leap, update the bug if it exists still. In
the hope I will "bother" you ;-) (some pun intended, but benevolent, I know you
people have plenty of other things to do). 
I found that given the complexity of Linux today, as a "normal" user, you can
file still bug reports to your distribution, in 70% of the cases they will
receive no answer and in the ones you get answer you have(!) to rely on the
person the bug is assigned to, to guide you through the process further. 

Now upstream projects have little human resources. So forgive me updating the
bug for every version of Leap, as long as it is valid, it avoids it to be
closed, because "the version is not supported any more" ore similar by some
Really no negativity in all that.
Thank you all sincerely for you effort in general. We users, AFAIK, do not
take(!) it for granted.

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