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(In reply to Imobach Gonzalez Sosa from comment #9)
> I am sorry, but the original bug, as Knut commented, was open against
> openSUSE 13 and the situation has changed quite a lot. Now firewalld is the
> firewall solution to go and it is the only supported solution by YaST. This
> problem does not happen in that case,

of course it does. YaST2 firewall module only shows interfaces for which wicked
configuration exists. This is hidden by the fact that installer creates both
wicked ifcfg and NM connection profile for interface used during installation
so it /looks/ like it works. But any interface that does not have wicked
configuration is "invisible" to YaST firewall module.

As NetworkManager is now default and wicked is not even installed this is no
more "enhancement" but a real bug. Reproduced on TW 20220603.

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