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openSUSE doesn't have any dingbats preference set by default, since there was
no good substitute suitable for default last time I checked. Deepin OpenSymbol
is claimed to be a 100% compatible one but its non oss. we have only Noto Sans
Symbols and Symbols 2 left today, which are not installed by default and by
most of the users.

And the "Substitution of Zapf Dingbats by Dingbats" workaround will not work at
all. Dingbats is a placeholder which means there's no font naming that exactly.
fontconfig will use sans-serif placeholder to substitute it. the thing works
exactly like before. you can verify by "FC_DEBUG=4 fc-match 'dingbats'".

Roboto is the openSUSE chosen font for display by default. (it was Dejavu Sans,
Libration Sans then, now it is Roboto). the recommended fix by upstream sounds
easy, but dejavu-fonts is not required by any default installed package in
openSUSE Factory now, although it still exists in ISO for whatever reason. So a
temporary fix by a font which may be removed and uninstalled soon means nothing
(I have no dejavu-fonts installed indeed). I can give a fix with Noto fonts
after I review their Symbol fonts, but it will not take effect at all if you
don't have those fonts installed before. well, to include a font installed by
default or not is not what I can decide, the release managers are in charge.

the easy fixes:

in your ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf:

<alias binding="same">
  <family>Zapf Dingbats</family>
  <accept><family>Dejavu Sans</family></accept>

or you can install deepin-opensymbol-fonts,
noto-sans-symbols-fonts/noto-sans-symbols2-fonts by yourself and do the similar

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