Comment # 20 on bug 980313 from
(In reply to Bo Maryniuk from comment #19)

> You say "must not be part of Salt", then you say "might be part of Salt",
> which already is anyway.
Bo, please read carefully. A *susemanager* plugins must not be part of Salt, a
*salt_notifier* might.

> My point is, this is not something one just takes
> and changes on his own alone, but must be *team* discussion prior that and
> clear knowledge, reflecting in the RFC we *agreed*:

I totally agree when it comes to upgrading Salt **in SUSE Manager** (that is
systemsmanagement:saltstack:products) to 2016.3

However, systemsmanagement:saltstack is for openSUSE. Nobody took care of this
project. 2016.3 is already ~6 months old and wasn't submitted to :saltstack

Since darix and tampakrap took the initiative to push the upgrade (and agreed
to do the testing and fixing if needed) to openSUSE, they have my full support.

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