Gui Do changed bug 1080842
What Removed Added
Priority P5 - None P3 - Medium
Hardware Other x86-64
Version Leap 15.0 Leap 15.3
Resolution FIXED ---
OS Other openSUSE Tumbleweed

Comment # 3 on bug 1080842 from
After installing Plasma 5.22.2 where oS patch for wayland has been removed I
thought flickering on Firefox/Thunderbird has gone. But this is not true. It is
still flickering or shows blured windows on mouse moving.

(In reply to Gui Do from comment #2)
> (In reply to Gui Do (me)from comment #1)
> > The same flickering behavior for me, too. Only on Full Wayland session and
> > Mozilla apps (Thunderbird and Firefox).
> Thx a lot - THIS is great community work! Now without the patch Wayland
> session works in a normal way. No flickering anymore on Mozilla Thunderbird
> and Firefox, Tor browser is starting now.

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