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I believe I have found the bottom line and there are two-options. (1) restore
the png icons from yast2-opensuse-branding available in 15.0 as part of
yast-theme; or (2) write a .svg handler and renderer to Qimage in Qt3 so you
can use QimageConvertTo to create a Qpixmap from the rendered Qimage. Why?

QImageIO contains a QIODevice object that is used for image data I/O. The
programmer can install new image file formats in addition to those that Qt

Qt currently supports the following image file formats: PNG, BMP, XBM, XPM and
PNM. It may also support JPEG, MNG and GIF, if specially configured during
compilation. The different PNM formats are: PBM (P1 or P4), PGM (P2 or P5),
and PPM (P3 or P6).

There is no native support for .svg images or icons in Qt3. I don't know how
difficult option (1) is, but there are a number of svg handling Qt3 apps the
.svg image read and render -- like scribus where the .svg code could be pulled.
Or (2) simply include the yast .png icons along with the .svg images in the
current yast2-theme package. (they are only a few 100k of size total, so the
impact would be negligible and restore icons for yast2-control-center-qt3
without having to patch anything or add svg rendering code.

You guys make the call. I already have yast2-control-center-qt3 building, so
I'm happy to help and verify whatever way you want to go.

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