Bug ID 1089823
Summary YaST can silently fail to run snapper during installation
Classification openSUSE
Product openSUSE Distribution
Version Leap 15.0
Hardware Other
OS Other
Status NEW
Severity Normal
Priority P5 - None
Component Installation
Assignee yast2-maintainers@suse.de
Reporter fvogt@suse.com
QA Contact jsrain@suse.com
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Created attachment 767377 [details]

Installation with the live media and snapshots enabled fails:

This is because snapper is not installed in the installation system, so the
snapper installation-helper is missing.
So YaST needs to add a hard dependency there.

The bigger issue is that YaST didn't care that the binary is not present though
(found in y2log-3):

[libstorage] ActiongraphImpl.cc:584 Commit Action "Mounting /dev/vda2 at /"
[sid:59, first]
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:67 constructor
SystemCmd("/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper --step '1' --device '/dev/vda2'
--description 'first root filesystem'")
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:186 SystemCmd
Executing:"/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper --step '1' --device '/dev/vda2'
--description 'first root filesystem'"
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:187 timestamp [295.985073], 2018-04-17 02:15:45 GMT,
2018-04-16 22:15:45 EDT
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:660 Adding Line 1 "/bin/sh:
/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper: No such file or directory"
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:626 pid:4219 added lines:1 stderr:true
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:492 THROW:     Command not found:
"/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper --step '1' --device '/dev/vda2'
--description 'first root filesystem'"
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:416 stopwatch 0.010977s for
"/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper --step '1' --device '/dev/vda2'
--description 'first root filesystem'"
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:436 system() Returns:127
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:678 stderr:/bin/sh:
/usr/lib/snapper/installation-helper: No such file or directory
[libstorage] SystemCmd.cc:67 constructor SystemCmd("/sbin/udevadm settle

As can be seen, YaST notices the error but ignores it. Similar output for step

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