Comment # 11 on bug 1074138 from
(In reply to Lukas Ocilka from comment #9)
> Let's put it this way: in rare cases, someone needs to list all installed
> packages and listing all of them might be actually very slow, especially
> when we use many remote repositories.
> On the other hand, you are actually asking for another feature: Listing ALL
> INSTALLED packages to remove some of them.

Not really. Yast package manager lists all packages, including installed ones.
Sorting by install status gets me list of all installed packages.

Taking a long time to list anything is also not a problem. The problem is that
changing any status of any of the item results in things stalling. So the
interface is not interactive.

> Our proposal for a workaround: Do not install those that you don't want.

That's a poor workaround. Another would be to just re-install the system?

Somehow this works just fine in Aptitude on Debian with even more packages than
Leap. But it doesn't work with Yast2 Qt GUI *or* console text UI.

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