Comment # 16 on bug 997614 from
(In reply to Robert Schweikert from comment #15)
> (In reply to Sebastian Wagner from comment #14)
> > python-distro has now been accepted to Leap 15:
> >
> > 
> > Probably this issue is resolved then?
> Well that depends. As pointed out in comment #11 deprecated != broken. The
> two packages I know off that use platform.linux_distribution have been fixed.
> cloud-init -> has it's own implementation to determine the Linux
> distribution, our package is patched and upstream accepted my changes for
> 18.1 release.
> python-azure-agent -> uses python-distro now, our package has been patched
> but not yet submitted to SLE 15, still needs testing. I am also still
> working on the final format of the patch with upstream.

That is lovely but we would have to reimplement the function as whole, because
it has no idea for the os-release file at all, it simply just parses
/etc/*-release and anticipates the old format of the files.

It is easy to extend it to load up the os-release, by simply adding 'os' to
known distributions, but then what should be the desired content from the
os-release... It takes only the first line which used to be like "openSUSE
20160701 (x86_64)" and grabs the distro, version and arch from there... But
current os-release does not even account for the platform, thats why it was
completely replaced by new module.

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