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(In reply to Ivan Ivanov from comment #3)
> (In reply to Guillaume GARDET from comment #1)
> > openQA uses a USB-SD-Mux device [0] to flash the uSD, so this may have an
> > impact.
> > 
> Maybe is uSD card itself. Any chances to change them?

I think this is related to the combination of fast uSD card and USB-SD-Mux
hardware. See:

Quote: "Some single board computers, especially Raspberry Pi model 4s, do not
work with new/fast micro SD cards, due to drive strength issues at high
frequencies. Use old and slow micro SD cards with these devices. Another
workaround is the replacement of resistors R101 and R102 with 0������ parts. This
modifications does however void the EMC compliance statement provided by the
Linux Automation GmbH."

I do not have slower uSD card available.

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