Comment # 4 on bug 960478 from
(In reply to Stakanov Schufter from comment #3)
> still the case of leap 15 with closed sessions showing as active in sddm.

Yes, and I repeat:
(In reply to Wolfgang Bauer from comment #1)
> I can confirm this here, on 13.2 even.
> But it only seems to happen with sddm as display manager.
> Can you try something else, kdm or xdm e.g.?
> You might have to install other ones (xdm should be installed by default)
> and can set it in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager afterwards (the
> If it's indeed just a problem with sddm, it might be a good idea to report
> it upstream at ...

It didn't bother me enough to report it yet, but feel free to do it.

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