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(In reply to jun wang from comment #4)
> I am testing nasm update, and when checking the url
> nasm.SUSE_SLE-15_Update/_log, I get many these output: 
> [   95s] cd test && perl -I./perllib -I. --nasm=../nasm *.asm
> [   95s] Can't compare at _file_/bin file stdout
> [   95s] Can't compare at _version/version file stdout
> [   95s] Can't compare at a32offs/unoptimized file a32offs.bin
> [   95s] Can't compare at a32offs/optimized file a32offs.bin
> is this OK?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: NASM unit tests are mostly focused on regression detection. What
they are suppose to be used for,

1. make
2. make golden
3. <do changes here>
4. make
5. make test

The `make test` then compares output of the "golden" output with the test run.
If there are any changes, it *could* indicate a regression that need to be

The "golden" directory of binaries is not shipped by upstream that's why it's
complaining. But nasm is called before the attempted comparison so if there is
some major nasm failure on execution, like segfault, I think we would see it in
the log.

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