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dmesg output after setting the scsi log level according to comment #12

(In reply to Oliver Neukum from comment #15)
> Something is fishy. Are your disks USB 2.0?

How can I tell? I have used them before, including to run "zypper dup" to
install opensUSE 4.2, and also after that. I think that I've used them since
the latest kernel online update but I wouldn't (as we say in French) put my
hand into the fire about that.

> And the log is different from comment#10
> Please clarify

See comment #11. These messages happened after the reboot mentioned at the end
of that comment.

Oh, and (don't know if relevant) after requesting a "restart" in the drop-down
at top right of all virtual desktops, there was apparently a hang in the
Hewlett-Packard startup screen; Ctr-Alt-Del produced the usual "Executing POST
delay", then the messages about which F keys to hit to get to the setup menu or
the boot-device menu appeared on that same HP screen, which was finally
replaced by the GRUB startup screen

(In reply to Oliver Neukum from comment #16)
> Yes, the log itself goes to dmesg.

Ah, ok; let's run that again then. Feel free to mark the previous dmesg log as
an "obsolete attachment" if appropriate.

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