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I vaguely remember some report(s) about thermald actually causing the device to
overheat and do a hard shutdown. That's not too unlikely, considering its main
purpose is to avoid throttling the CPU harder than necessary when the thermal
limit is approached/reached.

The thermal limit shouldn't be reached under normal circumstances (like
"browsing+ssh" in the original comment), and so thermald shouldn't be
absolutely necessary with a properly designed cooling solution. Unfortunately
many laptops do not have one, so thermald has a noticable impact on performance
on those. However, that comes at a cost: The device will run hotter.

Any opinions about this?

Supplements:    (modalias(cpu:type%3Ax86*ven0000*) if kernel)

While there are more specific modaliases which could be used here (like some
intel specific ACPI platform devices), those may change in the future and then
the supplements would silently not work anymore.

Ideally it only matches physical hardware, but I don't think we have any
capability for that (yet).

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