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OK, I finally found the reason, it seems that we don't package the
gdm-fingerprint pam config.

I checked `/usr/lib/pam.d/`, there is no gdm-fingerprint file, so when gdm call
pam to do fprint check, it always fails.

I manually copied gdm-fingerprint file from my arch linux installation, and
fingerprint sensor just works on login and unlock.

According to line 20 and line 376 of,
it seems that we don't install gdm-fingerprint files at all, and in line 296 it
says that we don't know what to put in gdm-fingerprint (also about line 295: my
system does not remove gdm-password). So I checked,
it contains nothing about, so even we install it, it won't work.

Some distros uploaded their pam files to (like Arch and Red Hat),
they are quite different, we may need create our own to fix this bug?

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