Comment # 19 on bug 980313 from
(In reply to Klaus K��mpf from comment #18)
> A /usr/lib/zypp/plugins/commit/*susemanager* plugin must not be part of
> Salt. In this respect, I agree with the original reporter.
> However, a generic /usr/lib/zypp/plugins/commit/*salt_notifier*, together
> with a respective 'yum' notifier (for Fedora/RHEL, 'apt' will follow later)
> might be part of Salt

You say "must not be part of Salt", then you say "might be part of Salt", which
already is anyway. My point is, this is not something one just takes and
changes on his own alone, but must be *team* discussion prior that and clear
knowledge, reflecting in the RFC we *agreed*:
��� please note, this section is about Zypper + Salt.

The name is probably an issue, but I find it a low priority, because the
content of the plugin won't change. Additionally, this part nor affects overall
package functionality neither is directly user-land tooling whether generic
users must use "susemanager" script directly, hence this makes the task even
lower priority. 

However, abruptly splitting without looking through the consequences and
verification by support team is what I find certainly wrong.

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