Comment # 7 on bug 1118367 from
SUSE-SU-2019:2502-1: An update that solves 5 vulnerabilities and has three
fixes is now available.

Category: security (important)
Bug References: 1104129,1118367,1118368,1126068,1126069,1128220,1133185,1138687
CVE References:
Sources used:
SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12-SP4 (src):   
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP4 (src):    bind-9.11.2-3.10.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12-SP4 (src):    bind-9.11.2-3.10.1

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product(s). At times this might be only a partial fix. If you have questions
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