Comment # 13 on bug 921570 from
(In reply to Hannes Reinecke from comment #12)
> If you were to enable multipath on a non-multipathed root system you need to
> blacklist the root filesystem.
I don't know why I should have to do that. OpenSUSE 13.1 works fine with Swap,
/ and /srv each on RAID1 md devices and additional multipathed FC LUN's.
OpenSUSE 13.2 also assembles SWAP and /, but misses /srv if multipathd.service
is enabled.

> Also, due to the timing involved multipath might claim the device for MD, so
> if MD references the devices as raw block devices (ie using /dev/sdX) it
> won't be able to start.
If already written that I have checked that point. While in emergency mode,
dmsetup does not report /dev/sd[a,b]3 to be claimed (see #c4). I can manually
assemble the missing array and continue booting.

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