Apologies but I am very new to this and have spent the last week reading and re-reading, being pointed to one doc file or another internet site, all appearing to give me confilicting info.
I am therefore, for the moment, giving up on trying to ascertain if my present internal WinModem will work on com4 on my machine, and am asking for a quick solution. Once online I can play with my old modem's possibilities or otherwise to my heart's content, but my priority is getting online in Linux.
I would very much appreciate any advice on a PCI modem that will allow me to use my two physical comm ports for Braille and speech, and where I might obtain one in the UK.
(I was advised by the Suse support staff to go down this road rather than looking for a USB modem, but again, if anyone has clear advice I would appreciate it).
Thank you, very desperately hoping someone can help.